CzechPOINT: issuing copies from the state registry

Contact points of the public administration of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic (Czech POINT) issue certified copies of documents from the public administration information systems.

The service is intended for all citizens and businesses (including banks).

This service greatly simplifies access to certified documents for citizens and entrepreneurs – extracts from registers of the public administration information systems (PAIS). At the offices of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, which issue the statements, you may be issued a certified extract from these registers:

  • Companies register
  • Trades register
  • Real estate cadastre
  • Criminal register (natural and legal entities)
  • Driver register – extract of the score points of a driver
  • List of qualified suppliers
  • Register of the Ministry of Environment – MA ISOH (administration and supervision of the agenda)
  • Bankruptcy register
  • and you can place requests according to section 72 of the Trade Act
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Ing. Tomáš Macnar
tel.: +420 266 721 609