The Electronic Toll System in the Czech Republic

Regional Chamber of Commerce of Hradec Králové region provides services in the electronic toll system in the Czech Republic – at the Contact Point it is possible to:

  • Sign a post-pay contract and collect premid onboard units (OBU)
  • Register vehicles in the pre-pay system
  • Collect OBU and pay toll in advance (pre-pay system)
  • Return OBU and get a deposit back including a refund for any remaining credit
  • Settle any toll debts resulting from service or OBU malfunction
  • Obtain transaction statements
  • Report lost or stolen OBU
  • Get information and information brochures about the electronic toll system
  • Report a problem or make a suggestion regarding the toll system

For further information and documents for download please check:

Contact Point: Škroupova 957, 500 02 Hradec Králové 2, II. floor

Mon – Fri  from 07:30  to 16:00
Lunch Break  from 12:00  to 12:30
tel.: +420 495 530 568, +420 495 530 569 Email: